What is a Responsive Website?

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What is a Responsive Website?

Mobile responsive website design is the latest in web design trends. People are using their phones or tablets more and more to search the web and if your website doesn’t display well on these devices then the user experience is damaged and Google see that as a factor in your ranking.

Responsive websites render pages well on a variety of screen sizes including handheld devices all the way up to large monitors and even TV screens. Google will reward a website that is fully responsive and increase its page ranking accordingly.

Your customers deserve the best experience possible when visiting your website, or they will leave without hesitation in search of a more reliable experience with one of your competitors.

Oli Denson – Naples Web Design provide the ultimate in responsive web design Naples has to offer. A website that will conform to all devices and ensure your website is competing under these new rules and regulations. Let us help you convert your existing site to a mobile responsive version, or build a new site that will help increase your ranking on Google today.

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