A Naples Website Redesign

A Naples Website Redesign

Looking for Naples Website Redesign tips?

It’s true, even for myself, that a website redesign or update is occasionally required. You may find that your website, no matter how well designed, starts to become a little stale. Sometimes a different accent color or the addition of a new section is all that is needed to spruce up an already functioning website. I have my own individual style, just like everyone else, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t experiment with colors or images that fall outside of my “preferential box”.

Website Speed and Optimization

A website needs to be fast, so images need to be optimized well to increase load times. I’ve learned quite a few tricks over the years to obtain a nice balance between sharp images that render quickly on a web browser. It’s probably wise for me to tackle any images that need further optimization during my websites face-lift; kill two birds with one stone as they say.

Accent Colors

I also get attached to specific colors and prefer a certain palette. I usually stay away from blue myself as I feel everyone else uses it, but I was surprised to find that an electric blue worked quite well for my brand and lent itself nicely to my current color scheme and layout, so I silenced my inner voice and went for it.

What is my message and how can I subjectively get this message across?

Changing out the main page image gave the entire site a fresh look and I highly recommend you do the same. Your landing page is the first impression. If a return visitor is met with the same opening shot time and again, they may very well feel your company is at a standstill. It takes moments to swap out an image and there are various online resources for free stock photography, as a matter of fact, this blog post over at UK Web Host Review features five of the best. I personally tend to use Pexels or Unsplash. It’s good to push yourself. Attempt to source images that aren’t so specific, try instead to think in a more abstract way. We’ve all seen the slogan “Reach New Heights” accompanied with a picture of a mountain, even though the company itself has nothing to do with rock climbing. Try and think like this; What is my message and how can I subjectively get this message across?

naples website redesign - oli-denson-naples web design - montserrat-typface

Web Friendly Fonts and Typography

Which finally brings us to fonts. Oh typography, how I adore thee! You wouldn’t believe what truly goes into good typography, its entirely taken for granted. You would laugh your socks off you overheard a group of designers pontificating the finer points of type. But it’s exactly these finer points and details that make or break the way a font displays on your website, and how users ultimately respond to it. I myself switched from Raleway, to Montserrat for my headings and increased my main body text up to 16 pixels using Open Sans, which renders really well online.

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